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Nations First AOL GSE-Compliant E2E Loan-Closing Platform for Lenders.

Our Story

iTitleTransfer provides the nation’s first outsource, end-to-end (E2E) “Loan Closing Platform”, serving lenders directly, and participating with intermediaries including loan brokers, Realtors, title insurance agents and real estate lawyers, on behalf of their borrower and seller clients.  iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform provides a safe, reliable, low-cost, insured, loan-closing alternative to title insurance, reducing loan-closing costs up to 65%.

Lenders, offering lower closing costs to borrowers and sellers, competitively increase both transaction volume and market share.  iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform was designed as a transactionally insured lender outsource, offering loan closings in all 50 states, benefitting lenders, borrowers, loan brokers, Realtors, title insurance agents and real estate lawyers, during both expanding and contracting economic cycles.  

Our Platform, authorized by Government Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, utilize fully integrated loan-closing and ownership transfer services, including an Attorney Opinion Letter (AOL) as an alternative to costly and unnecessary title insurance.  iTitleTransfer’s E2E Loan Closing Platform includes powerful risk management protocol, transactional insurance, Warranty Deed and AOL, with expanded protections indemnifying lenders, borrowers, sellers and successors.  This process exceeds the requirements set forth in Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Macs “Sellers Guide”.

Theodore H. Sprink – Founder

Excessive and often unnecessary closing costs are barriers for many to participate in the dream of home ownership. Our mission provides safe, reliable, low-cost closing and ownership transfer services in a manner respectful of diversity, equitability and inclusion. Lenders and borrowers should have a choice in the manner and cost in which their loan closing takes place. Loan brokers, Realtors, title agents and real estate lawyers can save clients a great deal of money by recommending iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform for the purchase or sale of real property.
Our Services

 iTitleTransfer searches and examines national, state, county and municipal public data that is underwritten, risk-scored and supported by Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) compliant Attorney’s Opinion Letter (AOL) to facilitate closing and ownership transfer.