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Nations First E2E GSE-Compliant Fully Insured Loan Closing Platform Protects Lenders, Borrowers and Successors-of Interest

Our Platform

iTitleTransfer’s Fully Insured E2E AOL-Based Loan Closing Platform protects lenders, borrowers, and successor-of Interest; insuring loan amount and life-of-loan coverage for one low flat fee. iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform provides a safe, reliable, insured, loan-closing alternative to title insurance, reducing loan-closing costs up to 65%.

Our fully insured platform covers lien priority, fraud, forgery, duty-to-defend, gap, CPL and cyber; and is enhanced by Excess/Umbrella insurance providing an additional layer of protection for each loan transaction.

iTitleTransfer’s proprietary platform performs:

Lower closing costs to lenders, borrowers and iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform was designed as a lender outsource, offering loan closings in all 50 states, during both expanding and contracting economic cycles. Lenders and Realtors can now provide their customers “consumer choice” in closing services. Lower closing costs which will drive incremental increases in lender and Realtor transaction volume, revenue and market share.

In April 2022 Fannie Mae, following the lead of Freddie Mac (Government Sponsored Enterprises-GSEs), the nation’s purchasers of 85% of home loan mortgages, announced in their “Seller-Bank Guides” that Attorney Opinion Letters

(AOLs) were authorized as an alternative to costly and often unnecessary title insurance.

Collectively, the two GSEs set national guidelines for their aggregated annual purchase of $2.7 Trillion in mortgage loans from 3,000 Seller-Bank loan originators. Representing 90% of the mortgage loan secondary market, the GSEs have “voted in favor” of AOLs, by accepting their use in their purchase of lender-originated loans.

Our Platform, authorized by Government Sponsored Enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, utilize fully integrated loan-closing and ownership transfer services, including an Attorney Opinion Letter (AOL), as an alternative to costly and unnecessary title insurance.

iTitleTransfer’s Loan Closing Platform includes powerful risk management protocol, exceeding the requirements set forth in Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Macs “Lender Sellers Guide” and is consistent with the GSE’s “Equitable Housing Finance Program”.

Theodore H. Sprink – Founder

Our Services

 iTitleTransfer searches and examines national, state, county and municipal public data that is underwritten, risk-scored and supported by Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) compliant Attorney’s Opinion Letter (AOL) to facilitate closing and ownership transfer.