Consumer Choice Drives Low-Cost Loan-Closing Alternatives


Home Seller

Los Angeles, CA

In selling my home in the expensive L.A market, I was delighted to save thousands of dollars in settlement costs, through iTitleTransfer’s fully insured loan closing platform.

Mortgage Lender

Phoenix, AZ

The innovative, competitive and low-cost closing platform saved my client more than $5,000 in closing costs.

Licensed Real Estate Attorney

Los Angeles, CA

Having closed hundreds of Purchase transaction, I found the use of Fannie Mae’s “alternative-to-title insurance” Fully Insured Loan Closing Platform an outstanding low-cost benefit to lenders, borrowers and successor-of-interest. Many lenders favor professional lawyers over the factories of title clerks.

Loan Broker

Seattle, WA

Our loan brokerage firm represented the borrower in a manner consistent with our fiduciary responsibility to save money for the borrower.  iTitle’s insured loan closing platform was low-cost, safe and reliable.

Real Estate Agent, Seller

Chicago, IL

Fannie Mae’s authorized alternative to title insurance saved thousands of dollars in settlement costs; closing on time a substantially below budget.

Real Estate Agent, Buyer

Miami, FL

 iTitleTransfer’s innovative loan closing program was the ideal suggestion to my client’s lender, saving thousands of dollars in closing costs.

Home Seller

New York, NY

Our Buyer’s lender accepted iTitleTransfer’s creative low-cost closing alternative to overpriced title insurance, saving thousands of dollars which netted me greater net sale proceeds.

Mortgage Lender

Dallas, TX

Our competitive mortgage loan origination unit was very pleased with the savings and service provided by iTitleTransfer’s clever alternative to overpriced and unnecessary title insurance.